Mar 4, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: The Mordekkers - Peterstorm/Cheese on Toast/Heaven's Bwre

The Mordekkers are from Wales. I found them with a quick search of with the keyword, "bagpipes", but a search with the keywords, "progressive folk"; "trance folk"; "trance-folk"; "psych folk"; "psych-folk"; "psychfolk"; "acid folk"; "psychedelic"; "psychedelia"; and "Wales" among others, would have turned them up.

As it has already been demonstrated in these pages, I'm not adverse to cultural fusion and these guys have it. The Mordekkers are Peni Piper - bagpipes, pibgorn, folk oboe, whistle; Stef - mandola, concertina; Henry Willatts - bass; and Jez King - drums. They successfully fuse a traditional celtic sound with a driving rhythm section.

They will be on the stages of the Spring Knockengorroch Celtic/World Music Festival, May 18-20. If I happened to be in Scotland that weekend, you know I would be there.

The release is called Wild Roots and was released at in August.

The Mordekkers - Peterstorm/Cheese on Toast/Heaven's Bwre


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