Mar 13, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Lucky Misu - How to Hold on Tight

It's a pop, wait it's not a pop song...aaahhh, it's pop for a new century.

Today's selection is from the latest release on the netlabel, Corpid. The collection is entitled Puzzled and you can find it at

Lucky Misu is Daniel Bergstrom. Daniel is from Sweden. He knows Bobby Baby (she designed the cover art).

The release notes contain some backstory:
"The idea of Lucky Misu jumped out of my head in 2003. At first I wanted it to be a band but then I thought of all the things I don´t like about beeing in a band (rehearsing) and decided it to be a one man act."
You can also enjoy his remix for Bobby Baby's I Wont Dance With You Baby Tonight to be included on Corpid's "Loves To Remix vol.2" release.

Lucky Misu - How to Hold On Tight

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daniel said...

pop for a new century? wow. thank's alot!