Mar 27, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Rasterfahndung - Pizzicato Suite (I Like This Pizzicato)

A lot of things going on here that I really like:

  1. I like Netwaves from Radio Scorpio in Belgium. They are neighbors of BSWC-The Show Saturday nights on the mothership, WBCR-lp (they come on right after us at 11:00 pm Eastern). I was listening to number 13 of their series last Saturday. They had a fantastic interview with Lawrence Lessig about Creative Commons. And, the music was great, including 3 or 4 songs that we have played and enjoyed on BSWC-The Show. Today's pick was number 4 in the set list. I like feeling kinship.
  2. Rasterfahndung is from Berne, Switzerland.
  3. Rasterfahndung fuses an electronic sound with acoustic instruments. Including the guitar of niklaus erismann and the laptop of marcel kägi. This tune also has some very sweet piano.
  4. " these days of foggy langscape-walks each track feels like eating a crispy pizza with various ingredients on a sunny terrace somewhere in the south."

Rasterfahndung - Pizzicato Suite (I Like This Pizzicato Suite)

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embe said...

Hi Biotic,
thanks for blogging. The interview with Lawrence Lessig is actually a 'remix' of the interview by the (defunct) "Staccato" ...
You can find it here.

And Pizzicato by Rasterfahndung is one of my favorites, even after 50 playings!
I must admit that i also find nice tunes in your one-a-day.
C hear s!