Mar 10, 2007

BSWC News: Mothership Holds Fund Drive

I wanted to take a little time to drop a note on the blog about our WBCR-LP Fund Drive. Many of you know that BSWC-The Show airs on this little Low Power FM station in the Berkshire hills of Massachusetts (simulcast on KWMD, 90.7 in Kasilof, AK, but that's another story). After it airs, we pull the mp3 file from the station's computers, edit it a smidgeon and put it up on for podcasting.

If you look around the blog you will see no advertising. You will find nothing commercial on this site. However, keeping WBCR-LP as a going concern is vital to continuing the services that you find around you at Black Sweater, White Cat.

I would ask regular visitors and listeners to contribute to our fund drive today or tomorrow in support of BSWC and our mothership, WBCR-LP. You can do it online, over there in the sidebar or call us at (413) 644-9797. We are not a corporate public radio enterprise by any means. This is people putting radio together for people...sound familiar?

Tell them Biotic sent you.

Thank you for your time and support.


gurdonark said...

A worthy cause. I could not see the space to tell them Biotic sent me, but if it helps you get credit for it, then I here let you know I was so led by your sending.

Biotic said...

Thank you, sir. We made it to over $18,000 for the week. Fantastic. We keep moving on up. BSWC has been with the station since it first went on the air.

Michael Gregoire said...

I also donated because of biotic. Great show... great blog. Keep up the good work. Thanks for showcasing blocSonic.