Mar 12, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Elmaes - 5 (Cookie five goes mad in East Dulwich)

From WMRecordings (one of my absolute favorite netlabels) WM060: Elmaes - Geburah! Variations on the number 5; another big winner.
"You can't use butterfly language when speaking to a caterpillar."

The entire release drives forward as if as a whole containing the ambition and desire to find resolution through a pervasive chant. Yet, it is fabulous in its ability to keep you from finding a place of easy resolution, rather your brain is firing and questioning from beginning to end. Voice, percussion, and instrumentation woven cunningly together. I like the dialog created with a foundation of the sitar and tablas layed heavy with cyclical british vocals.

I hope you enjoy.

Elmaes - 5 (Cookie five goes mad in East Dulwich)

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McCloud said...

Nice of you to say so, we're really pleased you're enjoying the CD.
And yes, isn't WMRecordings fabulous.