Mar 26, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Harmsichord - Bad Buddhist

Just a buddhist monk with a rolex...
by Wam Mosely
On January 21st I posted a song by Harmsichord called Zigong Blues. I was impressed by the instrumentation and Harmsichord's fresh point of view. I rarely end up posting an artist's work on one-a-day more than once - simply because there is so much music out there to experience and enjoy. But today is the exception to the rule.

Honestly twisted, great rhythm, I love the vocals. This track is a good way to start your week. Grab a cub of coffee, put your headphones on, and take a bad ass car ride with a Bad Buddhist.

Are you a bad Buddhist?

Harmsichord can be contacted at ( harmsichord at yahoo dot com ).

Harmsichord - Bad Buddhist

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