Jan 5, 2007

BSWC 01.06.07: First Show of 2007

[Update 01.07.07: Here is the Audio File for the show]

Ah, the new year has come and with it more BSWC. If you are a regular you might have noticed the new feature here on the blog and in the feed, "BSWC One-a-Day". Pretty much what the name implies-Subsystem and I plan to be a lot more active in putting stuff up here for you to sample and enjoy.

The broadcast to podcast continues and this first show of 2007 has a lot going for it.

As always, if you are reading this sometime between 9 and 11 pm Eastern (-5 Greenwich) on Saturday night you can listen to our stream.

If you don't hear it live, then you can always subscribe to the podcast feed:

Here is the feed.

link to iTunes 1-click

Darkness save us by The Grand Opening
Bobby (Nicorola Remix) by Bobby Baby
Aven le Roma! - Stereotype remix by Krischan Schallenberger [Nomada]
Sri Nrsimha Stotra Vali remix by Dj Vraja Dhama das
A Magic Afternoon (Cayetano Remix) by Parov Stelar
Get on it (ft. 2012 SpokenWord by: Spinningmerkaba... by bombero
X Rays by Chenard Walcker
Run Quick by Cuebism
The Real Chronic Smokers by LeutOhm
Krash Boursier by Youthman Steppa
Inside of me (feat. fabonaut) by Manolo Camp
Long Time No See by Sleepy Town Manufacture
Trip Time Divine by Revolution Void
Aguamiel by Adrián Juárez
Tempus Horizon by God Is An Astronaut
Intercontinental Hustle by Magyar Posse
Surprise salee (Remix) by Daniela
running by deutscheunschuld
Bomb da disco by Oilboy's aftersun
Bomb da disco (interlude) by Oilboy's aftersun
Yep! (Party version) by Oilboy's aftersun
Keep me up al nite by Oilboy's aftersun
Naked, but still too hot to handle by Oilboy's aftersun

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