Jan 24, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Monk Turner - We're Going To Take Back America

Our post today has a bit of timely relevance to it. From the New American Songbook comes We're Going To Take Back America and combined with recent events, the song provides a hopeful note to the first day after the next-to-last State of the Union Address from GW Bush.

Beniamino 'monk' Turner specializes in concept albums and the New American Songbook collection on archive.org is simply, "A collection of songs about the United States of America."
Today's selection was produced by Chad Bloomstien with words and music by Beniamino 'monk' Turner and Marcel Camargo.

There is nothing that says inspired patriotism like the kazoo and Monk Turner plays a mean Kazoo. The entire collection with worth a listen and if you like what you hear, he has a new release out at archive.org that is a concept album based on requests. Called Monk Turner's Taking Requests, the release is made up of tunes on topics folks requested. He asked people through his MySpace page and other outlets to provide him with themes that he could write tunes around.

Monk Turner - We're Going To Take Back America

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