Jan 16, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Uncle Owen Aunt Beru - Wheat

Birdsong, one of my favorite netlabels, just released birdsong019, Uncle Owen Aunt Beru - Spaces In Time. Uncle Owen Aunt Beru is Jessica Calleiro, who can also be seen on the catpeoplemusic myspace page that she shares with Ben Collins.

She makes music like journal entries, capturing her ideas and impressions of earth and other planets onto her multi-track recorder. In her spaceship's luggage compartment one can find different specimens of an earthly nature and frozen experiences collected in her travels.

(from the birdsong release notes)

This was one of those unique times when the archive.org keywords fits perfectly: folk; lo-fi; outer-space; experimental; Download, enjoy, listen over and over, and uncover some gorgeous layers. Thank you Jessica & Birdsong for something fresh and inspiring.

Uncle Owen Aunt Beru - Wheat

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B.DavisCollins said...

Hi, I'm Ben Collins, Jessica Calleiro's (Uncle Owen Aunt Beru) friend and collaborator. She and I found this review today and were very happy. Thank you! If you like her stuff you should download some of the records I have posted on my blog, the newest one features both of us as well as some of our friends.

Thank you again for the interest.