Jan 31, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Bombay Laughing Club - Suba Deba

Today's selection has a recipe: 2 parts George Clinton, 3 parts Red Hot Chili Peppers and a dash of Sun Ra and you have Suba Deba. Bombay Laughing Club is the band behind this tune and they have a terrific release called the golden years [pm004] on Peppermill Records that went live at archive.org on January 23. That's right, it's being served to you hot and fresh!

Not much on to go on regarding the Bombay Laughing Club (although, we think they may have taken the name from the interesting social phenomenon that happens in Mumbai, India where citizens form into groups, make funny faces, tell jokes and otherwise inspire mirth in their fellows). The only facts we have come from a
comment in the Netlabel Forum area of archive.org:
it's a mix of blues, funk, rock, and weird experimenting, by a bunch of guys who met out in the woods treeplanting and started playing shows at local biker bars. hippies in small town bars in general, especially trying to be artful, is generally a bad thing but they won the crowd over.
It is a loud, in-your-face kind of release and it left me with a smile on my face.Bombay Laughing Club - Suba Deba


Anonymous said...

BLC as a band does not promote the draging of sharks on a beach.It's dangerous and not cool to torture fish or any other animal.Although BLC did not authorize this photo,it was probably meant to be funny.If you see a shark,just leave it alone.It's for your own good...Chuck & Bombay Laughing Club

subsystem7 said...

I freakin love this tune.