Jan 8, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Confused Man - Portuguese Beach Cafe

The sounds of the surf set the mood for this lounge number from the netlabel, Sofasound. Confused Man is Dirk Bepperling and he works the mood with what is described as, "fine german lounge music with a touch of vienna sound."

I don't have much more to go on regarding the artist (the artist page at Sofasound is in German and if someone wants to translate and post it in the comments section, we would be much obliged). The release is called Floating (Sof005), includes 7 tunes and dates to August 27, 2004. I found it by searching keyword: "lounge" in the audio section of archive.org.

Gotta go, I have more lounging to do.

Confused Man - Portuguese Beach Cafe


Anonymous said...

o.k., here it is - it is a fast done translation - so it's not perfect. i also have to add that the german text is rather badly written. well...

and obviously it hasn't been updated for quite a while. but i'm sure you get the basic infos.


cheers, philippe

Confused Man

in the mid-nineties Confused Man a.k.a. Dirk Bepperling discovered trip hop, downbeat, drum'n'bass and similar styles. that is were he found his musical home he has been searching for so long. the aforementioned genres allow the fusion of an array of different influences, here, everything is possible and that is how the new comes into existence.

at the age of 30 he started to get into music and computers. slowly he built his own studio, where he let his musical creativity flow freely. Confused Man was born.

the feedback he received on an music-internet-portal (1000 downloads in a year) let him in the year 2000 decide to found the label "Merging-Records" to publish his music, as well as the music of other likeminded artists with the same style. his vision was the building of a small community of top-class artists, that until now produced their music without getting recognized.

this vision he realized with his quite successfull sampler-series "Merging Lounge Pearls" and sets for the future new goals for his label. be curious for 2005!

Biotic said...

Thanks Philippe! That's a big help. I'm off to look for "merging lounge pearls".

Anonymous said...

my pleasure - always glad to support a good music blog. :-)