Jan 23, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Chenard Walcker - Middle

Back to Comfort Stand for today's post, and back to one of Biotic's favorite artists (and mine) - Chenard Walcker. What is cool about this track, and this release csr046, is that it is remixed bits of csr001 through csr044. I chose Middle because it contains some of my favorite bits from people like Martinibomb, Mr. Melvis, Otis Fodder, and Bruce Lenkei ... but it should be noted that the entire release is a good one.

Of Chenard: "Chenard Walcker was raised upon no secret formula but this one : Surrealist altruism. So, he became a cut and paste addict." He is a genius in this space and always produces excellent work into the commons. Unfortunately in September 2006, he fell into a diabetic coma. and is now working on speech development and object differentiation. WM Recordings is putting together a tribute album, and if you want to contribute, the deadline is coming up soon on Jan 31.

Chenard Walcker - Middle

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Weirdomusic said...

The deadline will be extended a little bit, so submissions are still welcome!