Jan 5, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Cuebism - Run Quick

Oh, yeaah! Cuebism has been putting stuff out there for a while...Run Quick is from the second release from iD.EOLOGY...but for some reason I'm just getting hip. Funky-get down to the dancefloor-flashing lights-party, party, party. There, did I give you a little of the flavor of this track? Excellent Friday posting material! Run Quick is from Circle EP (iD.002) The release notes have this on Cuebism:
Cuebism is addicted. He's haunted by the never-ending urge to find the sweetspot of funk. It won't be enough to be sitting on countless tons of this black gold called vinyl, there is much more to do. Funk needs to pour from your hips, needs to be drawn out of your soul until arms and sweatbands are up in the air oozing with sensation. His feast of funk will have even the coolest glamchick melting as we all tune in to pure slickness on grainy super-8-celluloid while our king of softporn lights the fuse with his Circle EP. Let your glittershades steam up as Monsieur Cuebism takes charge to supply us with our daily dose of endorphine.
The whole release is excellent and I highly recommend a visit to iD.EOLOGY for a full download.

Cuebism - Run Quick

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