Jan 18, 2007

BSWC Radio Show 1.13.07: Ridin' the Faders

Thanks to Victor Stone and Magnatune, this week we got to go to town with the latest Magnatune remix release, Ridin' the Faders 2 featuring Fourstones, Pat Chilla, Lo Tag Blanco and Clarance Boddyker all from ccMixter. In a post on his blog, Virtual Turntable, Victor has this to say about the release:
So under the cover of darkness, late last night Magnatune Remixed: Ridin the Faders 2 went online for download, streaming, purchase or license. About %5 of the proceeds for RTF2 album will go to me, the rest goes to Magnatune, the artists I sampled and my collaborators. This is how I want it and why I’m involved in the Magnatune Remixed project: to help support the business folks and artists who have acknowledged the new fundamental truth of the music industry that “giving away your music is good for your career.” That’s my agenda and I’m sticking to it.
It is a fantastic release and kudo's to all of those involved. You can find it for download in a variety of flavors from Magnatune.

And, with that said, here is the show:

Black Sweater, White Cat - January 13, 2007

You can find the playlist here...

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