Jan 12, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: FX-Labs - Littlegirl

It's back to Sofasound for my Friday post. I'm absolutely loving Sofasound Mixtape #1. Hell, I'm loving everything I listen to that is even associated with Sofasound...I've been sending emails to people I haven't talked to in ages just because I think they need to get hip to this netlabel. Biotic hearts Sofasound.

FX-Labs is a studio project consisting of Felix Lange (production), Felix van Gunsteren (keys) and Luise Gabel (those fabulous vocals). They are based in Stuttgart. Littlegirl comes from the Sofasound Mixtape #1, but they recently were part of a album release from a label called Cheeky Punster, Meadow Music that was put out in March, 2006. From the release notes for Meadow Music:
"Fx-labs music isn't easy to classify; since they love to experiment, their styles vary but there's always that special Fx-labs flavour playing along."
This is a great tune to slip into that sophisticated mix that goes well with romance, wine, knowing looks and good conversation.

FX-Labs - Littlegirl

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