Jan 20, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Ashwan - Digital Data

According to his MySpace page, Ashwan was born in Adams, North Dakota. It's a long way from ND to Liverpool, UK, but that is where Ashwan puts together his incredible mixes.

Here's what Fourstones had to say about this track when it appeared in the Editor's Picks at ccMixter:
The cockney rapper stikes again. ASHWAN struts through the track with a jazzy acoustic bass, holding down the bottom while Curious trades spits with Chatterbox for a quick verse each. A short turn but defies you to not bob your head to the backbeat while both Curious and Chatter cuts through, up and around the beat.
Ashwan is a big supporter of Creative Commons licensing for his work and the work of others and he has been a significant contributor to ccMixter and that is where today's pick comes from.

This is a monster tune...take a listen and get behind Ashwan.

Ashwan - Digital Data

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Blaine & Suzie said...

Not sure if he was actually born in Adams North Dakota. He might be biting (or paying tribute to) Grandmaster Flash. Listen to "The adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the wheels of steel" from "The Sugar Hill Records Story" Album. You will hear children asking someone to tell them a story and the man says: "I think I will tell you a story about my life." "I was born in Adams, North Dakota a long time ago see" "And now I am lucky enough to be here with you"