Jan 10, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Magyar Posse - Intercontinental Hustle

Lost Children is a netlabel with a mission of exposing up-and-coming "Instrumental/
Experimental/Post-Rockish kind of bands." They have a wonderful release that is hosted by archive.org called The Silent Ballet: Volume 2 [LostChildren 016] and this is where I discovered Magyar Posse.

I'm kind of hip to the post-rock sound and like much of what I hear, but what really drew me to Magyar Posse was the scope of what they were trying to do with their music. It came as no surprise when I looked at their bio and discovered that film music was an influence.
"All the members shared a love for film score music and through the years names such as Ennio Morricone, John Barry and Astor Piazzolla had became increasingly influential to the group."
The members of the group came together in Pori, Finland in 1997. They have been working, recording and touring--first, under the name Carlos, and then as Magyar Posse. They have worked with a number of small labels and as far as I can tell, have just this one song with a Creative Commons license. It is great music and I'm anxious to hear more. When I get a chance I will pick up one of their CD's.

Magyar Posse - Intercontinental Hustle

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