Jan 18, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: cdk - "God Bandit" (cdk mix)

Released by cdk on ccMixter January 17 at 12:30am this is hot off the presses! The rabbit picture is cdk's avatar, btw, and seems to move perfectly with the bpm. I don't usually find myself on ccMixter I usually rely on Biotic for that side of things, but tonight for some reason I was drawn in.

cdk is a Canadian producer, a busy one according to his ccMixter profile, and he's certainly busy on ccMixter with 54 highly rated posts! This remix is based on MiNiMaL_aRT's God Bandit. It scratches, lumbers, twangs, builds, tells a story, and has that thing.


cdk - "God Bandit" (cdk mix)

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