Jan 30, 2015

Crookram - Crookrilla

Crookram is from the Netherlands.  I found this little gem on a Netwaves playlist at archive.org. We are fans of Netwaves, a ccmusic radio program based in Belgium.  If you are looking to sample a wide range of sounds be sure to visit them.

According to a wikipedia page, Crookram is Chris Angelovski, a musician from The Hague.  In 2006 he began releasing his music on Budabeats, a netlabel out of Hungary.  Crookrilla is from a 2010 release called Through Windows.  

The Wikipedia entry describes his sound:
...an electronic music producer from The Netherlands, known for his extensive use of sampling in downtempo music. Crookram describes his sound as "cinematic, sample-based, downtempo soul music...

We need to listen to more Crookram.

Crookram - Crookrilla

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