Jan 4, 2015

Marco Mestichella - Fragments of Light

A very nice New Year's gift from Marco Mestichella and our friends at blocSonic arrived on the second day of the new year.  Excellent.

This is the second fortyFive release that will lead to a extended play release later this year.  With the single release concept we get to luxuriate in the ill-pop feel that Mestichella lays down while we await the EP.  

This is another post of a Mestichella fortyFive release on the blog.  Just love this stuff.  It fits well with the mood around here.  Love it.

He is based in London and is out and about with a live band to complement his studio musings.  If you find yourself in a position to see the band take advantage.  I guessing you won't be disappointed.

Marco Mestichella - Fragments of Light

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