Jan 7, 2015

MC Jack in the Box - Disko Halo

Long time mixter, MC Jack in the Box dropped this one at CCmixter.org in the middle of November.  A member of the site since 2004 this was his first tune shared there in 2 years.

We have enjoyed MC Jack in the Box at BWSC for quite a while now.  And this one doesn't disappoint.    

The San Francisco-based artist has some info at his website:

I’ve been doing live recording for about 15 years now, and cut my teeth learning how to multitrack on a Tascam 01 4-track and moved up to a Portastudio 488. I began recording band practices and multitracking original songs, but moved into remixing about 10 years ago. 
If you aren't familiar with the ccMixter concept it is good to know that mixters can build on other's contributions using Creative Commons licenses and the site provides the nexus for this collaboration.  On this tune, MC Jack in the Box mixed up contributions from bigbonobo_combo and FORENSIC.

We are happy to share.

MC Jack in the Box - Disko Halo

1 comment:

MCJ said...

Hey thanks Biotic! Maybe I won't wait another 2 years to get my next remix out!