Jan 13, 2015

Miracles of Modern Science - The Singularity

Bam!  Just like that I find my new favorite artists.  As I write this I'm looking across the East River at their hometown of Brooklyn and thinking I might have to be in the City for their February 20 performance at the Mercury Lounge on Houston.  Don't know how I can stay away.

Miracles of Modern Science have a lot of material up on Bandcamp, but I found a small selection of CC material on the Free Music Archive.  Enjoy this little taste.  Power string pop with spirit. The FMA page describes their 2013 release:

Their new EP, MEEMS, pushes the limits of their acoustic instruments even further, ending up both crazier and catchier than its predecessor. The results resembles pop music, but you can sense the band ripping apart and rearranging its underlying mechanics like mad scientists.

Love this stuff...

Miracles of Modern Science - The Singularity

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