Jan 28, 2015

Mabafu - Changes (Featuring Alena Sola)

One of my pleasures in this project has been the relationship with blocSonic and today's post gives a good example of the interplay between the two sites.  Back when we began the One-a-Day project blocSonic was pretty new and quickly became a go-to for excellent taste in CC music.  

That it became a two street with the release of netBloc Volume 7 (10 From 200 plus one) was very cool.  netBloc Volume 7 was the blocSonic selection of 10 tunes from our first 200 One-a-Day posts. One of the selected posts was a tune by Mabafu called All the Working Girls.  

And now the loop comes around.  Back in March 2013, blocSonic released a collection of work by Mabafu called Little Boy with 6 tunes.  Love it.  Mabafu presents a wonderful blending of styles that is difficult to describe.  The release page takes a stab:

a six track EP of soulful, fun & dubtastic lounge music which also features a talented group of collaborators.
I went with this lovely vocal number, but go get the entire release and don't miss out on the instrumental, Bersarinplatz.

Mabafu - Changes (Featuring Alena Sola)

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