Jan 11, 2015

Kellee Maize - Lala Love

Photo by Laura Petrilla
This is some fantastic hip hop that I found on Jamendo.com.  Kellee Maize is a prolific hip hop artist from Pittsburgh who is using a CC attribution license to really get her music out there.  We are happy to help.

It's a pop/hip hop sound with really meaningful lyrics and a nice bounce.  She released her first album, Age of Feminine, in 2007.  Today's post is from her 2012 album, Integration.  

She is an activist and her interests are described on a very thorough Wikipedia page:
Maize is an activist on women’s rights, environmentalism, and issues relating to poverty and racism. Her spiritual side is reflected in her music. She studies world and environmental issues, the power of intention, meditation, quantum physics, astrology, Tarot and indigenous wisdom. Maize feels her purpose in life is to make music that sends out good energy and that makes people think.[5] In 2012, of her meditation practice, Maize said, "I learned Transcendental Meditation many years ago and found it to be life changing."[9]
This is an exciting find and Kellee's music has found a home on my playlist.

Kellee Maize - Lala Love

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