Jan 5, 2015

Spiedkiks – The Day Before

Spent some time poking around Starfrosch and found a pointer to this nice little tune.  Starfrosch is based in Switzerland and has developed as a central aggregator of excellent netaudio content.  Take a look.

Spiedkiks work with the netlabel Rec72 where they have a few releases.  This tune is from a collection called Take Off Your Make-up. They are from Cologne and Stuttgart.   They started working together in 2009.  

There is a great interview with the duo on Cerebral Rift.  Here is a snippet on how and why they are working in the commons:

We started releasing Creative Commons music in May 2013 with our debut album on REC72. Well, to be honest, the first reason for us to release our music under a Creative Commons License was we just wanted to be heard.

It is just great for us if there are people out there who like it, listen to it and use it in videos or whatever. There are billions of bands out there, hundreds or thousands of new releases every day, and it is very hard to sell music.

We just reached 50,000 downloads this week at FMA [Ed: Free Music Archive] with the album “Take Off Your make Up”. That is just amazing!! There are of course more reasons for us to release under Creative Commons but let´s just say, the whole idea is just great.

Great stuff.

[ed note:  Cerebral Rift notes on Twitter that the interview was with Kik alone.]

 Spiedkiks – The Day Before

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