Jan 26, 2015

Ashwan - Mauerspechte (the light) ditto ditto

‘Electric Relaxation’ by ashwan.
Wow.  Ashwan and ditto ditto in the same post.  I'm in ccMixter.org heaven.  Longtime mixter, Ashwan (2005) incorporates work by another longtime mixter, ditto ditto (2007) to create this amazing remix.

Ashwan is an artist as well as being a music producer.  He was born in Liverpool and now lives and works in Barcelona.

Ditto Ditto has been on the ccMixter scene since 2007 and has appeared in these pages before.  He is a skilled mixter and has also contributed some wonderful samples over the years.

Also, contributions come from Forensic, Ms. Vybe, and Snowflake.  Here is what Ashwan had to say about this piece:
I got seduced by Ditto Ditto’s remix of Snowflakes ‘The Light’, and inspired by the anniversary of the Berlin wall coming down recently and how that can function as a metaphor for the groundbreaking work that everyone involved in ccmixter is doing.
Always amazed at what a little time at ccMixter will turn up.  Turn it Up!

Ashwan - Mauerspechte (the light) ditto ditto

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