Jan 27, 2015

Zipp - Pour Quoi Royale

Bam!  Energy right off the bat in today's post.  This tune is the leadoff on a Various Artists release called Retrovision from Mixgalaxy Records.  I don't have anything on the artist except that they have three tunes in this collection.  

Zipp is from Ukraine and appears to be a project by Yevhen Danchenko.  

That's all I have on the artist so, instead, a bit about the netlabel:
MixGalaxy Records is a Russian net-label formed in 2009 by the users of a MixGalaxy.ru forum with the aim of delivering diverse music to its listeners. The initial goals were to foster a sense of dialog and mutual aid among musicians. Over time, though, enough interesting material was gathered that the idea emerged of distributing it. Now the prime objective of MixGalaxy Records is to develop music written by independent Russian (and foreign) composers; in addition we hope to find a committed audience for those same musicians, too. This is all done according to the key principles of variety and a maximally broad range of genres. www.mixgalaxyrecords.com
The release is a wonderful collection of lounge, exotica and all that stuff that we love so much at BSWC.

Zipp - Pour Quoi Royale

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subsystem7 said...

Love this! Very fun, reminds me of coconut monkey rocket.