Feb 25, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Alet Meier and her pupils - Fon der choope

A bit of a departure for this Sunday One-a-Day. Here is something I found on archive.org while browsing for classical music. Fon der choope, originally by Abe's Elengrig's Yisdishe Orchestra (1913), performed as part of Four pieces from Small Sister by Alet Meier and her pupils. In this case the performers are Hanna, Alet, Sanderijn, Eveline: recorder; Judith, Eliane: saxophone; Marijn: piano.

A little on the piece:
"Can recorders (soft sound) and saxes (loud sound) play together? Yes, if you arrange the music yourself and keep searching for the right key untill both instruments "click". World music(also klezmer) is very appreciated by pupils."
A lovely bit of Klezmer for your Sunday.

Alet Meier and her pupils - Fon der choope

Photo credit: Uploaded to Flickr on June 28, 2006 by mary hodder

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