Feb 6, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Camp - Dramatic

"You were always dramatic, with your husky voice." Well, maybe that's what they're singing, and maybe not, but I love this song. Dramatic, by Camp from Zurich, Switzerland, off of the release dramatic. Lots of guitar, excellent vocals, tight drums, and tons of fun.

My first exposure to Camp was through one of my favorite CC releases, the netlabel alpinechic's alpination. They start the collection with an excellent high energy, high synth track: The War Goes On which was featured on cc365, Day 232.

Enjoy this track, and if you enjoy it there are albums for sale on alpinechic and directly from Camp's site.

Camp - Dramatic

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michaelGregoire said...

Crazy timing! I just discovered this track today at alpinechic's site. I dig it so much that I'm going to try and include it on a future blocSonic release.