Feb 14, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Otis Fodder - My Valentine

hearts by emdot
From Music To Drive Cross Country By (one of my all time favorite CC albums) Otis Fodder gives us a perfectly day appropriate track, My Valentine (with Lee Edwards).

Not a lot to say today, on a big deadline... powered by coffee , a blizzard in Great Barrington, and cc music!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Otis Fodder - My Valentine

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Biotic said...

A quick note from the bran flakes (an Otis Fodder related project):

Mildred's Library Science and Cecil Fudpucker's Super Geek League join together this weekend at the Crocodile in Seattle for a crazy fun filled night!

Here are the details:
The Crocodile - 2200 2nd Ave, Seattle WA

Tickets are available online here!

Or get in touch with Mildred!

See you there!


Library Science

Super Geek League