Feb 15, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Echoes - JCougarMellensong

Ah, the day after Valentine's Day and I'm in a Buffalo, New York hotel room feeling a little cynical when along comes JCougarMellensong with it's subtle humor and stunning effect.

Today's selection is from the netlabel, Mr. Furious Records which according to their MySpace page was founded with a mission of documenting "a rock scene with seeds in Crete, Nebraska." They release all of their self-described DIY-punk rock/indie material on archive.org.

Be a Ska Rat is the name of the release where you can find this tune. It is by an artist known as Echoes. This is what we know about the artist:
Tape / echoes is howie howard’s one-man band plus a rotating cast of collaborators / co-conspirators. A study and practice in the possibilities of three minutes, a melody, and a guitar. Current thizzle-down headquarters in Raytown (KC), Missouri, ex-Minneapolis, MN, nee-Crete, NE.

I'm pleased to be able to present this tune and glad to make it part of the BSWC collection.

Echoes - JCougarMellensong

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