Feb 5, 2007

BSWC Video: Musetta - Catch-22

From a live performance at the MEET2BIZ$HOP (I'm thinking Milan, Italy) a few weeks ago...Musetta is Marinella Mastrosimone (vocals) and Matteo Curcio (music). This is the duo responsible for Ophelia's Song and BSWC listeners will be familiar with the haunting vocals of Marinella Mastrosimone. We started playing Ophelia's Song over a year ago and now with the Musetta samples at ccMixter we have a wealth of wonderful remixes that we can enjoy.

I understand that the video for Ophelia's Song debuted last Sunday. I can't wait to see it.

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Geof Huth said...


The singing's a bit too breathy for me, a bit too atmospheric muscially. But I listened!

I'm wondering what a sequence of opening flowers could stand for?