Feb 16, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Ditto - Ditto Ditto

Yep. Ditto is the name and Ditto Ditto is the name of the tune. French mixter, Ditto dropped his ccMixter debut onto the site on Monday and it instantly became a favorite in the Vieux Farka Toure / "Ana" Remix Contest currently running at the Creative Commons remix site.

The remix uses the "Ana" acapella track while working in additional instrumentation that gives it a uptown sensibility. He develops the track so well that you think that artist and producer were in the same studio doing real-time collaboration.

Mixter Gurdonark had this to say about the track:
This really captures the feel of the vocal. The way you build in the instruments into the mix is impressive. The sound quality is great. This is an excellent mix. the backing and the lead both fit into the rhythm so well. Lots of complexity,but the mix does not seem too busy. It stays real. Welcome to the mixter.
Nice work, Ditto. We look forward to hearing more.

Ditto - Ditto Ditto

Photo Credit:
Original image: 'A kind of magic ....'
by: Ferdinand Reus

Released under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

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Biotic said...

I'm in the airport in Buffalo and am just listening to this track through my headphones for the first time...Wow! This is really, really great. My first listen was on my laptop speakers, but with headphones, omg.