Feb 7, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Tomas Phusion - Ophelia's Symphony

For today's post I'm sticking with Musetta and their tune Ophelia's Song. This is another mix from the ccMixter Ophelia collection. Musetta posted tracks from the song to the Creative Commons remix site and the vocals of Marinella Mastrosimone have proved to be a very popular acapella for the mixters.

I have selected a treatment by Tomas Phusion. He is from England and along with his work at ccMixter has a number of releases at the very cool netlabel, DiSfish. He has put together a nice release of 11 of his ccMixter remixes that is available at DiSfish. He also has a video of his tune Bonjour Ma Chere at YouTube.

He describes his approach to music on his DiSfish page:
Started creating music about 15 years ago on one of those small battery powered Casio keyboards cos it was all I could afford. I rigged up some mics to its speaker and layered the tracks down 1 after another on my mums 2 tape beat box, got my first sequencer about 2 years later and knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
I love it when two artists that I love and admire come together in such a wonderful way.

Tomas Phusion - Ophelia's Symphony

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