Feb 18, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Gigaboy - I Give Up

Today's selection originates in Latin America. Gigaboy was created by Chuchelas (Mexico) and his guest Sebastian Comelli (Uruguay), with headquarters in Mexico City. With touches of plunderphonics they keep a good dance floor sensibility along with a certain exotic flavor.

I Give Up comes from Comfort Stand, the venerable, retired netlabel. It appeared on CSR 062, Lady Bombon vs. Gigaboy. Like a diamond, it is amazing how you can spend time with Comfort Stand's catalog and find new facets with every turn.

The release notes have a short paragraph on Gigaboy:
Its purpose is to experiment in mixing popular music (or folk music) with electronic music. While Gigaboy's influences are wide-ranging, the project draws particularly on 70s folk rock and 90s electronic music.
Enjoy this Sunday One-a-Day.

Gigaboy - I Give Up

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