Feb 17, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Giraffe - A Lot of History in a Very Short Time

The second Blocsonic netlabel compilation is out and it is called, "netBloc Volume 2 (DRM killed the music-product machine)." It is a nice, representative collection of netlabel sounds from around the internet. Always nice to see Alexsi Virta from Finland out and about (his release on archive.org is huge). But, today's selection is the tune, A Lot of History in a Very Short Time from Giraffe.

Giraffe is from Santa Cruz, California. They record on the netlabel, 12Rec. They tag themselves as "alt-rock" with traditional rock elements placed unusual auditory territory. They are looking for new band members, "
Passionate what-have-you players interested in the greater good of a band dedicated to making original music are needed!"

Blocsonic has a mission with these compilation and makes sure you know about it:
Music listeners' faith in the industry as a whole is decreasing all the time. At the same time, their awareness of netlabels is increasing. With that increased awareness is an opportunity for a new paradigm in music.
Definitely download this release and enjoy these artists. Compilations are always a good entry point for netlabel music...some artists you like, some you don't. Also, tune into BSWC-The Show tonight...I'll have more from this release.

Giraffe - A Lot of History in a Very Short Time


walkathon said...

Not to be confused with Kevin Gilbert's first band, eh?

Michael said...

Yeah that Giraffe track is a definite must. I'll be checking out the show tonight. Glad to hear that other tracks from the release are going to get some shine.