Feb 18, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Try^d - You Are God

What's this? I thought it was called "One-a-Day"...well, consider this a President's Day Weekend special...the second selection of the day.

Try^d is a online musical collaborative with three releases and counting. The collaboration originally came out of Opsound.org and uses a CC license. [Update: My Bad, Try^d generally uses by-sa 2.5. Thanks to Mike Linksvayer for pointing out this error in the comments. In the original post I indicated that they were using a CC Public Domain license...that is the name of one of their works.]

The collaborative is loosely formed and is dedicated to "...building a body of 'open source music' which can be freely shared, copied, and remixed."

" welcome to the 'now age renaisssance'."

Try^d - You Are God

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Mike Linksvayer said...

Although they have an album called "public dodmain" AFAIK try^d has never dedicated any work to the public domain -- all of their albums on opsound and jamendo say CC BY-SA.