Feb 22, 2007

BSWC One-a-Day: Andy Lee - Sechs Achtel

So yesterday I found a new netlabel, ExposedAudio. Started in 2006 by Romanian Jay Bliss, it has the honor of being the "first Romanian net label exclusively for techno music." Very good looking netlabel.

Today's selection, Sechs Achtel, by Andy Lee (DJ TALES) is from the release "Third Exposure" - the 6th release from ExposedAudio, and the third various artist release. It is an excellent showcase of the talent represented by the label, every track interesting, crisp, and full. All of the work has been released into the Public Domain, a very good thing for mixters.

This track is very interesting. It progresses adding new sonic texture just often enough to keep the momentum without losing sight of its predominant theme. It builds to a crescendo that plays great in stereo - dancing back and forth, changing tempo, and delivering its themes with a tension that seems to express pent up energy/ maybe frustration. Then it slides down into a chattering finale. Excellent!! I hope you enjoy. Oh, and by the way, it is a big file. ;)

Andy Lee - Sechs Achtel

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embe said...

Hi Biotic,
there's another Romanian netlabel arhiva7, founded by Mihai Popoviciu i believe. In a few weeks Netwaves is going to bring a special about Romania and Bulgaria, the new members of the EU.

c hear s!